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Updated: Nov 12, 2018

We offer a great variety of the Luxury Illuminated Signs and Letters.


1. Our products with a full UL listing for your installation convenience.

The AC/DC power supply with a full UL listed to be used.

2. To choose paint color for the faces, returns, or backs, please refer to Pantone, etc.

3. Please send your sign design data in Adobe Illustrator/PDF format to us, we will offer you an accurate quote.


WE produced with a two-part construction,faces and cans.

Both components are formed with UV stable, CAB plastic that has been certified by UL for lit letters.

Face lit letters are produced with a translucent material that is custom designed for LED lighting.

Typical backs are formed in white to better reflect the LED lights. LEDs are secured to the backs with double faced tape and special hold down blocks. Average letter depths are recommended to be 2.2"-1/2" deep with a minimum stroke of around 1-1/4.

Design with Ease

Mini Acrylic
Plating Acrylic
IP-1 Face-Lit

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